About Us

Azimuth Surveying was founded by Bill Shull in 1972. Over the years, Mr. Shull developed a strong reputation for quality surveys done to exacting standards. Jim Hepler took over operations in 2000, and continues the tradition of uncompromising quality.

Azimuth currently employs four people, who have a breadth of experience and knowledge in surveying. We use a combination of equipment for the job, including state-of-the art robotic total stations and GPS, as well as more conventional equipment such as compass & tape. The equipment & crew for your survey will be chosen to best fit your needs.

About the Owner
James Hepler is an Oregon native, and has been working in the field of surveying for over 30 years. He went through the surveying program at Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls, and gained his license in 1990.