Boundary Surveys

In a boundary survey, we will locate the boundaries of your property through a combination of research and field work. The deed determines what you own; we will examine your deed, as well as deeds of neighbouring properties, for conflicting calls, and resolve them in a equitable way. Usually, a survey has already been done nearby, giving evidence of the location of the boundary. We will check the County Surveyor's office for any and all records of previous surveys done in your area, and use the records in our determination.

In the field, we will search for existing monuments in the area of the property, as well as any evidence of occupation, such as fences or cultivation lines.

Once we have completed all the research and field work necessary for the survey, we will prepare a plat of our work for your use. If monuments were set during the survey, Oregon law requires that we file a copy of the plat with the County Surveyor.

What we need from you: A copy of the current deed of your property, a tax lot & tax map number, and any personal knowledge of the location of property corners and lines of occupation.